Sunday, 25 March 2012

My Shoes Closet

          Hi Readers, today i have a week holiday because my senior get an exam school (yay). Well there's a lot of homework that i should do too. I have no idea what i wanna post, but my mood wanted a new post today. So i wanna show you my Shoes Closet (tadaaaa). In this closet there are about 25 shoes. I need more rack for my shoes. There are still some shoes whose are in the rack outside the my room, plus my sister shoes too. I'm lucky have a sister who have a same taste and size of shoes, cloth, bags, acsessories, etc. So i can shared each other.
          This is it !

         Well i'm not a rich people who can buy an expensive shoes collection or expensive shoes closet, just ordinary. This is the photos of Christina Aguilera Shoes Closet, hmm i hope someday can have shoes closet like this. Got jealous of her, her shoes closet is a big room. You can see the different. LOL ^^

Or Kim Kardashian shoes closet ? OMG Christian Loboutine ...

Next Jessica Alba Shoes Closet. Okay i'm spechless ...