Sunday, 25 March 2012

My Shoes Closet

          Hi Readers, today i have a week holiday because my senior get an exam school (yay). Well there's a lot of homework that i should do too. I have no idea what i wanna post, but my mood wanted a new post today. So i wanna show you my Shoes Closet (tadaaaa). In this closet there are about 25 shoes. I need more rack for my shoes. There are still some shoes whose are in the rack outside the my room, plus my sister shoes too. I'm lucky have a sister who have a same taste and size of shoes, cloth, bags, acsessories, etc. So i can shared each other.
          This is it !

         Well i'm not a rich people who can buy an expensive shoes collection or expensive shoes closet, just ordinary. This is the photos of Christina Aguilera Shoes Closet, hmm i hope someday can have shoes closet like this. Got jealous of her, her shoes closet is a big room. You can see the different. LOL ^^

Or Kim Kardashian shoes closet ? OMG Christian Loboutine ...

Next Jessica Alba Shoes Closet. Okay i'm spechless ...

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Exotic of Batik Motif

           Hi Readers ! Today i wanna post about Batik. Well as we know Batik is the most beautifull motif that came from Indonesia. I'm proud of it, in Indonesia there are about more than 500 Batik motif that we can found. For example the most popular place that we can found a lot of Batik is Center of Java, like Jogjakarta or Solo. Now i wanna show you my Batik Dress that i found when i have a holiday in Jogjakarta. It's soo cute dress that we can wear for unformal or formal events. This Dress can switch over to baloon skirt dress. Cool isn't it?
           This is it !

First, this is the photos that i took from my digital camera.
            1. This is the original dress (without switch over to baloon skirt)

             2. This is The Dress after switch to be a baloon skirt dress

Second, this is the photos that i took from webcam.

Third, this is the photo of  my shoes.

Fourth, this is my favorite Local Motif Fashion Designer from Indonesia, Lenny Agustin (LENNOR)

Fifth, this is the photos holywood actress that wear Batik Motif Dress that can be my inspiration ! So Proud.

         1. Lenka

      2.  Paris Hilton
          3. Jessica Alba
           4. Rachel B.

What i wear on this photos:
Dress: Mini Dress / Mini Baloon Skirt Dress Batik Cloud Motif by Batik Keris
Shoes: Black Platform High Heels by To Die For

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Senior High School

              Hi everyone, i wanna shared some my daily activity before i go to school. I wake up in the morning (about 4am), pray, take a bath, change uniform, and go to school by my pink fixie.
           How i style my hair? i'm just using hair serum from L'oréal and leave-on spray from Makarizo to protect my hair from bad pollution and sun heat. Because i go to school by bicycle, so should take care of, if i want my hair still soft, shiny, and strong. I'm really love my hair, thanks to God for all. And then brush it and leave my hair down a natural beauty look. Sometimes if i have a lot of time, i'll style my hair to high pony tail, top bun, braided, straight my hair using flat iron or make a big waves (loose curl) using flat iron too. It just depend on my mood and my left time before go to school. Next time i'll post all about my hair example: how i style my hair, daily hair routine, etc.
                Do i using any make up before go to school? No. I just using moisturizer lotion type for my face skin from Ponds, using hand and body lotion with SPF from The Body Shop, lip balm from Nivea, Deodorant from Adidas for Women, and of course eau de toilette perfume (i'm using many kind of perfume from different brand, it's depend on my mood).
              And this is it, some photos that i took before go to school.

What i wear on this photos :
Top: Uniform of SMAN 1 Sidoarjo
Watch: Purple Watch by Hermés Collection

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Prom Night Queen

            Try to imagine how i dress if my school held a prom night. I should be the prom queen in there, i'm not try to dress controversionally, i just dress like me and beautiful me. I love classy, simple, glam, feminime style. Because less is more. I love wearing mini baloon skirt brown dress design by Yves Saint Laurent with ribon detail on mix with cropped lace jacket from hardware. It's so glam and beauty. For the shoes, i'm wearing platform silver high heels from Charles & Keith that high about 11cm makes the look 'rich'. For the assesories i'm using original tiara design by Tiffany & Co. That a present for my sweet seventeen birthday from my Uncle Liliek Widodo (profesional & designer make up artist). Thank you Uncle.
            And this is it !

What i wear on this photo's :
Dress          : Baloon Skirt Mini Dress design by Yves Saint Laurent
Top            : Cropped Lace Jacket by Hardware
Shoes         : Platform Silver High Heels by Charles & Keith
Assesories   : Original Tiara design by Tiffany and Co.
Bracellet     : Charm by The Little Things She Needs

Sunday, 11 March 2012

My Second Package Arrived

          Finally my second ordered shoes package arrived, after the black platform stilletoes that i posted a few days before. I ordered Black Knee Boots too from the same O.S that i trusted, 'To Die For'. Do you know? The shoes it's rock and roll. \m/ I loooove it soo much. Superb, outstanding. And i plan to ordered boots again from 'To Die For' next month, but i'll save my pocket money first. Hehehe.
And this is it !

Shoes Photo's : Black Knee Boots by To Die For