Friday, 24 August 2012

Back To School

       Hi my super duper awesome readers ! Thank you still reading my blog, i'm sory for the late post. Because there is soo many things i should do during the holiday.
       Okay... What holiday is over? Well, I have to accept this reality. though heavy, let us together to face a wide range of activities and busyness of school is in sight! yeah spirit!
       By the way, I'm in love with a high school student uniforms in Japan or in Korea. Their uniforms are so cute and unique, and I want to make that uniforms with my own versions of their uniforms. As we know, their uniforms majority use long socks, a cute tie/collar, pleated mini skirt and blazer or loose cardigan. So, i adaptated it to the outfit that ready in my closet. 
      Oh yeah, do you know? the blue mini pleated skirt that i used in this post, I design it by myself ! used batik fabric that my dad's bought in Papua. They have a great texture, very unique motif and they has a bright colors. I love it!
     This Post i take some picture with lovely Dolls, i called her Luna. hehehe, I got her when i was in Singapore about last 2 year, but now that dolls avaible in Indonesia.
     This is it!

First, This is the photos that taken by my Camera

Second, This is the photos that taken by my Webcam

Third, This is the photos of my Shoes

Fourth, This is the photos of my Nail

Fifth, This is the photos of my Long Socks

Sixth, This is the photos of my Necklace (Bow Tie)

Seventh, This is the photos of my Doll

Eight, This is some picture about Korean and Japanesse girl's uniform

What i wear on this post :

Top          : White Tank Top by Luna Maya for Hardware
Outwear   : Green Army (with blue, orange, yellow line) Loose Cardigan by (X) S. M. L.
Skirt         : Blue Pleated Skirt with Papua Batik Motif by Dian Dananjaya Collection
Socks        : White Knee Long Socks with Black&White Motif by Sox Gallery
Shoes       : White Dove Wedges with Ribbon Shoes by Somewhere In Jogjakarta
Bow Tie    : Orange Bow Tie (Necklace, Hair Band, Bracelets) by GADIS magazine giveaway
Girl Doll    : Blonde Curls Girls by Chinnatown in Singapore
Nail Polish : Lime Green by O.P.I Nail Lacquer "Hey! Get In Lime"