Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Gossip Girl Inspiration

          My first fashion post is inspiration by Gossip Girl School Uniform, that was soo outstanding and cool. I adapted it and the result i look a like young secretary than senior high school student, LOL. But anyway i like it :) I'm Sorry for my bad background photo's, this is my bedroom looks little bit mess. hehehe

What i wear on this photo's :

Top Shirt: White Shirt by Yves Saint Laurent
Tank Top: Black Tank Top by Hardware
Skirt: Red Mini Skirt by Zara
Bags: Classic Black by Sophie Martin
Shoes: Little Black Wedges by Decimal Online Shop

Inspired by Gossip Girl:

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Finally New Camera

Finnaly i got a new camera (yay) !
I'm so excited, i've been save my money from last year to buy this camera by myself. That i said on my last post. Why i choose digital camera than DSLR/SLR? it because digital camera more easy to bring everywhere, anywhere and anytime. The most important for me is the camera must be PINK, weightless, and of course have a good quality to take a picture/photos. Now i can start blogging easily :)
And this is it!

Camera by SONY Cyber-shot DSC-W610 color Pink Rose

Friday, 10 February 2012

Say hello for the first time

Hello Everyone !
         Okay, i just wanna say hello and introduce my self for the first time to you. Actually this isn't the first time i write a post on blogger. i've been made tumblr and unformal fashion blog a long time ago, before this blog. well i lost them and i forgot the password. So i decide to make the new one, and get serious of this. This Blog not just full of a fashion, but sometimes maybe i'll fill it with my daily activity.
           So Hi ! my name is Dian Ing Tyas Dananjaya. You can called me Dian or Didy :)
I am 17th Years old this years. yay! it's my teenage time and i promisse i'll be really really enjoy my teenage time. I'm a Student of Senior High School in SMAN 1 Sidoarjo with Social Class. I'm Interesting all about Fashion, Beauty and Book!
          I was born on January 17th 1995 in Surabaya. i'm a Capricornus. I've a Dutch - Chinnese - Javanese Blood from my Parents and my old parents. If you wanna know about me more you can mention on my twitter @diandananjaya :) I'm just independent fashion blog.
          And this is some Photos that i took a week ago with my lovely laptop webcam on my bedroom. do you believe? i don't edited it at all. it just pure and original photos. because my digital camera have been broken by my sister :(  but i plan to buy a new one :)
so this is my hello, nice too meet you friends!

What i wear on this photos:
Hat: Rasta Hat by Nevada
Dress: Black Tube Top with Red Vest by N.y.L.a
Necklace: Triangle Owl by The Little Things She Needs