Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Quirky Pinky Party

        Hi my quirky readers ! Do you know the meaning of quirky? quirky is a style, that to be Weird is Cool, yap be your self and you are the one of kind. You don't have to be anybody to be cool (In another means followers), you have your own unique style, that's you! Thats meaning of quirky. Let's being the center of attention.
        Holiday is coming, yeah. i've a soo much plan to do to spend my holiday in home and i hope that's fun. Well, holiday on this years i can't go anywhere because my sister has a lot of things that she should do for her new school. But, sometimes i lil' bit feel bored too and i don't want this holiday over for useless.
       By the way yesterday i went to Mall and i visit the Hama® Beads Counter, i was very interesting with that, and i try to made some handmade necklaces from Hama® Beads. I know the mayority people who play at that store just a kindergarden and i'm a senior high school. But i don't care and enjoy my own necklaces.Yeah this necklaces will be very quirky, fashionable and unique acsessories, because you made it by your self. No body will have the same necklaces like you, except they are your Trendsetters.
       This is some my photos that i took while doing my Doumo Boys and Doumo Girl Necklace from Hama® Beads !

        Today i wanna show you my quirky outfit, some country that i know they have soo many people who have quirky style like Japan and Korean. I do love they unique and quirky style. I'm wearing nude pink minidress from korean and leather brown ankle flat boots with laces on made in korea too. Mini side pinky hats and handmade pink owl bags. They all soo lovely, quirky, pinky, and cute.
         This is it !

Fisrt, this is the photos that i took from my camera

Second, this is the photos that i took from my webcam

Third, this is the photos of my boots

Fourth, this is the photos of my hats

Fifth, this is the photos of my bags

Sixth, this is the photos of my nail colours

Seventh, this is the photos of my charm bracellets

Eighth, this is the photo of my outfit
you can see the full post of this outfit in here --> The Clique

What i wear on this post:

Dress              : Nude Pink Mini Dress Made in Korea
Shoes             : Leather Brown Ankle Flat Boots with Laces on Made in Korea
Bags               : Pink Owl Heads Handmade Bags by Handycraft
Hats                : Small Side Pinky Hats with Fur by Naughty
Acsessories   : Blue Jeans With Silver Charm Bracellets by The Little Things She Needs

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