Friday, 1 June 2012

Sweet Summer

Hi readers! Well i'm so sorry, i can't posting a long post this time, toward and while i do my final examination school. I need to focus on my exam school to get the best score. Yeah, education is number one. But, i promise after exam, i'll back to fashion ordinary post as usual. Now, i just posting the picture of my outfit. Of course, for a summer outfit.

What on my photos:

Dress: Pale Pink Polkadot Minidress

Shoes: My Own Home Made Painting Canvas Shoes, soft pink & purple with ice cream motif ( i'm painting that by my self )

Bags: DIY small clutch from @GADISmagz ( i win that giveaway! From Gadis Magazine last year )

Necklace: Round Wood by Krisna Bali

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