Thursday, 19 July 2012

Imagine The Sparkle of White Pearls

     Hi my sparkling readers ! Can you imagine how sparkling the pearls is? well, maybe i will not talk about the imagination but the truth. A white pearl, can only be found in the deepest ocean. The pure one can be formed even more than 100 years once. So can you imagine how valuable, unique, rare and beautiful pearl is. You should imagine yourself like that, even you are the most beautiful thing you've ever imagined more than the deepest-ever pearl on the ocean.
     Today i wanna show you, my asymetric see through white skirt. And i mix that with my grey t-shirt, black knitted top, colorfull bracelets, jeans wedges and my burberry bags.
This is it !

First, this is the photos from my camera

1. Without bags

2. With bags

Second, this is the photos from my webcam

Third, this is the photos of my bags

Fourth, this is the photos of my Shoes

Fifth, this is the photos of my bracelets

Sixth, this is the photo of my outfit on my last post

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Seventh, This is the photos about assymetric skirt from another fashion blogger

What i wear on this post:

Top          : Grey T-shirt by Giordano
Outwear   : Black Knitted Cropped Jacket by LM for Hardware
Skirt         : White Asymetric See Through Skirt by N.y.L.a
Bags          : Green Army Leather Bags by Burberry Prorsum 
Shoes        : Blue Jeans Wedges by LEF
Bracelets   : Colorfull Bracelet (purple-pink-white) by Krisna

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