Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pink Military Boots Arrived

     Hi readers ! I'm back, well this is my busier year ever and maybe i'll often late to posting a new post too. After spend a holiday, now i back to school as always. But i'll enjoy this 'busy' year, because this is the last beautiful year on my high school. Sure, someday i'll miss this year so much.
     By the way, when i spend my holiday a few weeks ago I made some wish list. One of them is my shoes wish list, like Moccasins Boots, Military Boots (or you called by doctor martens boots), Ugg Boots, Heels Knee Boots. I'm very happy can fulfill one of my shoes wish list. In Indonesian there are rarely fashion store that sell that kind of boots, so you must find the handmade shoes store on Online Shops. And Finally i have a Military Boots! yay, and they have pink color! i looove it, it's soo cute.
     This is it !

Photos of this post:
Pink Glossy Military Boots by To Die For Online Shop

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