Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Photogenic of Bromo

        Hi readers ! Today i wanna show you some picture that taken while i spend holiday together with my classmate. I went to Bromo Mountain, yeah this is my first time. I'm realy excited, but i got sick with the jeep. Even so, i still can enjoy the adventure. Bromo has a gorgeous view, that's why some people or photographer called it by Photogenic. What do i felt when i go there? just one, freezing ! so of course i should wear a warm cloth.
       This is it !

What i wear on this post:

Top        : Pink Long Shirt by Club Monaco
Outwear : Bulky Grey Knitted Sweater with Hamster Motif by Inez Collection
Scarf      : White Small Knitted Syal by Naughty
Gloves    : White Knitted Polkadot Gloves with Black Ribbon and Faux Fur by Naughty
Hats        : White Pollar Bear Hats by Naughty
Necklace : Pink Doumo Girl Necklace by Hama Beads
Jeans      : Dark Blue Jeans by Levi's Jeans
Shoes     : Leather Brown Knee Boots by Zara
Bags       : Cow Shape Doll Bags By Istana Boneka

Another Photograph of Bromo Mountain :

1. Taken by Me

2. Taken by my friend Dimas Putra Pamungkas

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