Sunday, 23 September 2012

Busy ?

        Hi readers ! Gosh, i'm super busy this month and i don't believe this is the end of september. I just don't have any time for blogging again because of examination, task, presentation, practice, additional classes, etc. ruined up my mind. I stressed out, but luckily i still have a little time to take a break to go shopping, hangout eating, or just watch my favorite drama movie of this mont Jane By Design.
        Okay today i'm won't post about what i wear as usual, but i just posting a short post from my webcam picture. Yeah, because i don't have much time. Sorry .....

I hope you like it, This is it !

By the way, the dress that Erica Dasher as Jane used on Jane By Design are to die for, and this is some picture of them

Then, i've just finished reading some novels. And i'll post one of them that i like the most.

I'm in love for the first time i saw the cover. This serial novels have a cute, gothic, edgy cover also cute tittle. Then, when i read the story was so funny, full of adventure, dead, ridiculous, romantic, sad, and inspiring. This novel makes my imagination play on my mind while reading it, so i keep curious and can't stop to read.