Sunday, 17 June 2012


          Hi my marvelous readers ! I'm back :D , after held a very tired week for final examination and deadline for my final task on my school. Yeah, i'm stressfull that week, i slept midnight and wake up earlier than before for study study and study. But i can pass that week and very proud for the result or my score. By the way, do you know what makes my mood boost up when stressfull while exam? My pink stationary, all my stuff is pink started on my clipboard, pencils, errasers, bolpoint, papper stipo, ruler, map, stabillo, sharpener, etc. i love that. Makes my mood boost up when do exam or study.
         Okay, today i wanna post about one of my favorite shoes collection. The Leopard Ankle boots with heels. I love the motif soo much, very daring and edgy. But to make the look not too much, we should combine it with simple outfit with friendly colour too. I wear my black tube top with red vest and black half short legging, but if you look this outfit from far, it looks like jumpsuit. and black hat with necklace.
        This is it !

First, this is the photos from my camera

1. With Hats

2. With Glasses

Second, this is the photos from my webcam
Actually i've used this outfit at the first time i made this fashion blog, i take the picture but only from my webcam and my bangs still straight not side. if you want to read again my post that used this picture, you can click here --> Say Hello For The First Time

Third, this is the photos of my shoes

Fourth, this is the photos my shoes on online shops
You can visit her shops click here --> Syu Shu Online Shops

Fifth, this is the photos about leopard shoes in fashion that inspire me

What i wear on this post:

Top            : Black Tube with Red Vest by N.y.L.a
Pants          : Black Half Short Legging
Hats           : Black Hats
Pouch        : Black Zebra Motif Pouch by Naughty
Necklace    : Brown Circle Wood Necklace by Krisna Bali
Shoes         : Leopard Motif Ankle Boots with Heels
Glasses       : Black Frame Netral Glasses by Ray.Ban

Thank you for reading, if you have a question you can comment bellow of send e-mail on . keep reading !