Thursday, 1 March 2012

My First Package Arrived

             On last two week ago, i bought some shoes from online shop To Die For Shop. I'm soo excited. i love handmade shoes, because we can design the models and materials by ourself and the shoes must be cheap. I bought black platform stilletoes with purple bow on side and black flat boots. Both using suede. But if you wanna buy online make sure they are trusted O.S. so your money will be safe from cheating. One of my shoes arrived this week and i still waiting for the other one, be patient.
            I've been order shoes from online shop for more than 10x from different O.S but i forget for sure, it's really adicted when you shopping by online for the first time. till your wallet thinner and you get bored buy online. LOL 
            I bought black platform stilletoes because you can use it too all your outfit and it will be match all seasons all the times forever. The heel high about 11cm and 2cm platform. Actually i have more than 20 shoes in my room. Because i love shoes. i've been shoes lover from junior high school, but when i was in JHS i don't have any money to buy shoes by myself. my mom doesn't wanna buy me shoes like that except school shoes, so i must buy it by my self.

The Picture:
Shoes: Black Suede Stilletoes by To Die For Online Shop