Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Bohemian Style

          Hi Everyone, last week i got a very special souvenir from my bestfriend Rafinda Raihan, she bought me a special acsesories from Thailand because she has been spend a holiday on. The acsesories is a headbands made from rope with small flowers like lotus on it. It's so cute, adorable. She said that thailand artist ladies usually wear it. I think this is really beautifull.
          Today i wanna try to use this thing to my style. The Bohemian style is the perfect style for this. Bohemian style always use a cute headbands, mess hair or braid hair, and wear a midi or maxi dress. Usualy a bohemian girl love colorfull style, but i try to made bohemian me version. Maybe you can call this look flowery girl or spring girl. What ever.
        So this is it !

First, this is the photos that i took from my Gateway webcam

Second, this is the photos that i took from my digital camera

Third, this is the photos of the souvenir ♥

Fourth, This is the photos of my Shoes:

Fifth, My Inspiration: The Wedding Dress by Oscar de La Renta Fall 2012 Collection

What i wear on this photo's:
Dress: Black and white Polkadot Dress by Yves Saint Laureen
Shoes: Clogs brown leather Shoes by ZARA
Acsessories: Lotus Rope Headband from Thailand