Monday, 2 April 2012

Romantic White

           Hi there ! Welcome april, I wish everything better than before. Today i wanna post about my old white lace skirt. It looks soo femme and classy also romantic. I think laces so common this year, cause i often saw it on fashion week 2012. I bought it about 2007 and i save it in my closet for a long time. Now I took it out again, and so glad it still fit on my body. So like Tom Fort said " Fashion is disposable yet REPEAT ITSELF, so just don't throw away anything. " Yeah welcome a new white day, write a new story.
          This is it !
First, this is the photos that i took from my digital camera

Second, this is the photos that i took from my webcam

Third, this is the photo of my shoes

Fourth, this is the photos about white laces skirt in Fashion Week 2012

Fifth, I think white roses can be the symbols of laces. Because she's soo romantic, lovely, femme and classy.

What i wear on this photos:
Top             : Black and White stripes Tank Top by Nevada
Outwear      : White Flowery Oversized Jacket by Hardware
Skirt            : White Laces Skirt by Mango
Shoes          : White Ankle Boots by Suteki Shoesmaker Online Shop
Glasses        : Metalic Pink by Disney's Glasses Collection