Sunday, 22 April 2012

What's on My Purse

         Hi my beloved Readers ! Today i don't want to post about "what i wear" but still the category of fashion blogs. yap, I want to talk about what's in my bag which I usually take walks, hang out, shopping, etc.  like most women, it must contain a variety stuff. for example a wallet, cell phone,cosmetic tools. bla.. bla.. bla.. 

         Okay, I do not want to talk much, just here it is!

First, This is the photos of my favorite purse/bag

            This is my PRADA MILANO bag, i often wear this bag going anywhere, because it has classic also beautiful shape and the colour maroon to brown will pretty match with all my outfit, and of course this bag will lasting for a long time. This bag made by pure leather and i love it. If you want to know more about this beautiful bag, you can click this site Prada E-Store or Prada Official Website. I know the Original bags must be really really expensive but worth by the quality.

Second, This is the photos of  all my stuff

When I opened the bag, all this stuff are there, a bit messy sorry

Third, This is the photos of my cosmetic which must always be in my bag

Here it is a weapon that should always be in the bag to be able to look beautiful, evenwhen an emergency.
The Stuff List:
- Bath & Body Works, Summer Vanillas Berry Lotion with Eau de Perfume and SPF
- The Body Shop, Morrocan Rose Eau de Toilette 
- Etude House, Secret Beam Pact Powder
- Etude House, Pink Amore Blush On
- Etude House, Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss Lip Gloss
- Nivea, Pinkish Boost Lip Balm with SPF
- Clean & Clear, Active Speed Clearing Gel for Acne
- MAX Factor, False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara
- MAX Factor, Masterpiece Liquid Eyeliner
- European bobby pin and some hair band

Fourth, this is the photos of my pouch

This is my zebra motif pouch place where all my cosmetic from Naughty

Fifth, this is the photos of my wallet

when buying this bag is included with the wallet.

Sixth, this is the photos of my important stuff

The Stuff List:
- SONY, Cybers-shot Digital Camera on Case
- Sony Ericsson, XPERIA White Mobile Phone
- Rayban Space, Black Netral Glasses
- Momo, Next-G Pink Headphone
- B1, Multi Purpose Solution Contac Lenses
- X2, ICE No. 1 Dark Brown on Softlens Case
- Naughty, Comb
- Small Pink Note Book

     Yap, there it iswe have finished unpacking my bagkeep reading my blogthank you very much. Would you mind to leave a comment I'd be very pleased to.


Anjabelle said...

I have the morrocan rose perfume too! (and its body butter with all the bath stuffs ;)) love the max factor too. Kamu suka Urban Decay ga? Used to use the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette series. You should try it :D

Dian Dananjaya said...

@ Anjabelle : Yeah, The Body Shop has a great set of beauty product. i've its body butter too ;;) i know urban decay, they have pretty eye shadows. Naked 2 palettes like eath tone colour. i'll try it, thanks for the recomend :D