Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Exotic of Batik Motif

           Hi Readers ! Today i wanna post about Batik. Well as we know Batik is the most beautifull motif that came from Indonesia. I'm proud of it, in Indonesia there are about more than 500 Batik motif that we can found. For example the most popular place that we can found a lot of Batik is Center of Java, like Jogjakarta or Solo. Now i wanna show you my Batik Dress that i found when i have a holiday in Jogjakarta. It's soo cute dress that we can wear for unformal or formal events. This Dress can switch over to baloon skirt dress. Cool isn't it?
           This is it !

First, this is the photos that i took from my digital camera.
            1. This is the original dress (without switch over to baloon skirt)

             2. This is The Dress after switch to be a baloon skirt dress

Second, this is the photos that i took from webcam.

Third, this is the photo of  my shoes.

Fourth, this is my favorite Local Motif Fashion Designer from Indonesia, Lenny Agustin (LENNOR)

Fifth, this is the photos holywood actress that wear Batik Motif Dress that can be my inspiration ! So Proud.

         1. Lenka

      2.  Paris Hilton
          3. Jessica Alba
           4. Rachel B.

What i wear on this photos:
Dress: Mini Dress / Mini Baloon Skirt Dress Batik Cloud Motif by Batik Keris
Shoes: Black Platform High Heels by To Die For