Monday, 7 May 2012

The Fascinate of Indonesia: Batik Maxi Dress

         Hi my incredibly readers ! Back again with me in my blog, as I have said to you. Throughout the month of this May, i will be wearing this one theme. Yap, Indonesian Batik, but in different kind of cloth.
        Today i'm wearing brown Batik Maxi Dress. Oh gosh, i do fallin' in love with this beautiful dress. When i bought this dress, i was about 15 y.o. although the dress is too much long (lenght about 158cm) I keep bought it. And finally I can wear it without having seen "drowned" in this dress. I think the maxi dress is perfect and stylish for use this summer, and I've seen lately in the fashion week 2012, the maxi dress are very trends among the fashion item for the summer, especially maxi dress with floral motif. well just start it !
        This is it !

First, This is the photos from my camera

1. Without Glasses

2. With Glasses

Second, This is the photos from my webcam

1. Without Glasses

2. With Glasses

Third, This is the photos of my shoes

Fourth, This is the photos of my nail

Fifth, This is the photos of my Batik Maxi Dress detail motif

Sixth, This is the photos about Maxi Dress in Fashion Week 2012 that inspire me for this blog. The Fashion Show by Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2012 Maxi Dress Collection:

What i wear on this photos:

Dress: Brown Batik Maxi Dress by Batik Keris
Shoes: Brown Leather Clogs Heels by Zara
Glasses: Black by Rayban Space
Belt: Brown and Black by Unbranded
Scarf: Pale Brown Floral motif by Zara


Anjabelle said...

Pretty dress, love the clogs and the nail polish ;) ♥

Dian Dananjaya said...

@ Anjabelle : Thank you pretty (з˘▼˘ε) ♥